How to fully clean the Tray without causing damage


Ensuring the tray is completely cleaned is essential to prevent the contamination of the printed object and print failures.

WARNING! NEVER use your BARE hands to touch the transparent plastic film as your fingerprints may affect the future printing.


The steps laid out below will guide you through the optimal tray cleaning process:

  1. Prepare the following items for the cleaning process:

(i) Isopropyl alcohol with at least 95% alcohol concentration,

(ii) Air blower or air compressor,

(iii) Lint-free cloth,

(iv) A pair of solvent resistant gloves.



  1. Wear the solvent resistant gloves to protect your hands from the alcohol and to eliminate any probability of tainting the transparent plastic film with fingerprints since your fingerprints may interfere with the printing process.
  1. After a successful print, discard or return unused material to the bottle.
  1. An amount of the material will remain in the tray. Pour some Isopropyl alcohol into the tray and swirl the tray around to loosen the material.



  1. The material stuck at the border of the transparent plastic film can be removed by gently pressing the underside of the border using your gloved fingers.


  1. Discard and replace tray with new alcohol if the alcohol gets too dirty.
  1. Once all residual material in the tray has been dislodged, discard all the alcohol in the tray.
  1. Some alcohol droplets may remain on the transparent plastic film. Use a lint-free cloth to remove them.


  1. Use an air blower or air compressor to get rid of remaining alcohol droplets at the border of the transparent plastic film. Then remove these alcohol droplets using a lint-free cloth.



  1. Finally, clean the underside of the transparent plastic film using a lint-free cloth and a bit of alcohol.


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