Color Schemer for Supports



Color Schemer is a tool allowing you to see the suggested areas to create supports inside the surfaces on the object.


INFO! This article is about Color Schemer and all actions performed in the Support Tab.



The surfaces with Color Schemer are covered by a range of colors from red to blue corresponding to the necessity to create supports in those surfaces.

Details are as below:

  1. Red areas () are the lowest ones on the surfaces. They will be the first printed parts. This means you have to create supports there.
  2. Yellow areas () are often surrounding the Red areas. This means you should create supports there to reinforce the Red areas.
  3. Green areas () are higher than the yellow ones. Therefore, adding supports in these areas depends on the size of the surfaces and the weight of the object.
  4. Blue areas () are the highest ones on the surfaces. This means it is often not necessary to create supports there.





Please follow the two steps below to open Color Schemer:

  1. Create supports advancedly for the object (through Object Context Menu/Create Support (Advanced) or Main Toolbar/Create Support ()/Advanced ()).
  2. In the Support Tab opened, click on View Support ()/Color Schemer (). The surfaces of the selected supports (colored green) will be shown.

If Color Schemer is not chosen, you will just see the orange border of the surfaces of the selected supports.




  • If you want to see all the suggested areas to create supports inside all the surfaces on the object, let’s select View Support/All surfaces () as well.




 Why sometimes can’t you see the surfaces to create supports though Color Schemer has been selected?

There are three possible reasons and solutions for this situation:

  1. The support types you selected are not Wall/Scaffold/Shoring.


Please edit/add the current support profile in the Support Menu on the Right Quick Access Toolbar. Then, add one or more of the three mentioned support types above.

  1. You create the supports manually.  


You could create the supports advancedly

Or, you could create the supports manually, then use Create Support (in the Support Main Toolbar.

  1. Your object has too small surfaces and the Surface Filter ignores it. 


Please edit the current support profile in the Support Menu on the Right Quick Access Toolbar and modify the Surface Filter according to the current object. 


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