Unyk Commander Basics


The Unyk Commander is where you can see and manage all the 3D printers connected to the computer. After the Unyk Software has been installed, the icon for the Unyk Commander () shows up in the system tray.





  1. Status: printer current status
  2. Elapsed: shows the amount of time the job ran in HH:MM.
  3. Pause: lets you pause/resume the current print job.
  4. Cancel: lets you cancel the current print job
  5. Circular Progress Bar: shows the percentage (%) of the job completed (0 – 100).
  6. Current Layers: shows the number of the layers currently printed.
  7. Total Layers: shows the total number of the layers of the job currently printing.
  8. Remaining time: shows the estimated amount of time to finish the job in HH:MM.
  9. Access: shows the current connection the PC is using to access the 3D Printer.
  10. Menu: list of actions you can apply to the selected machine
  11. Printer ID: printer model and serial number





  1. READY: the printer is ready to print.
  2. INITIALIZING: the printer is initializing and checking if everything is ready to work.
  3. LOADING: the printer is sending the information of the print job from the computer to the printer. After finishing loading, the printer can work without the connection to the computer and the status will change to PRINTING.
  4. PRINTING: The printing is in progress.
  5. PAUSING: The printer is pausing the process. However, it will finish printing the current layer before actually pausing.
  6. PAUSED: The printer paused the process.
  7. DOOR OPENED: The printer door is opened, and the print job is paused.
  8. ERROR: There is something wrong with the printer.
  9. CANCELLING: The printer is canceling the process. It stops printing and deletes the current print job from the printer.
  10. SHUTTING DOWN: The printer is shutting down (after you press the ON/OFF button on the printer).


The system tray icon changes according to the printer status:

  • Green () indicates READY


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