Prepare the Environment 


1. Put your gloves on


2. Prepare 2 rinse buckets with isopropyl alcohol (90% or higher)

      One for the gross excess material and other to finish the rinse.


Removing the Object


1. Take off the print head and put in the rest position.



2. Holding the platform with the weak-hand, use the scraper to remove the object to a clean surface covered with paper towel.


3. Remove the material excess of the build platform with a paper towel and put it back inside the printer.


Clean and Dry


1. Using the weak hand place and shake the object inside the first bucket, you can always use the rinse bottle to help remove the material excess. This process should last around one minute.


2. Move the object to the second bucket and repeat the previous process, for this step you can use the brush to reach difficult areas.

Info! If you have an ultrasonic unit, you can put the object for 03 minutes. Otherwise, you should continue on the second bucket until you can ensure the object is clean without material excess.


3. Dry the object completely, use the air blower or air compression.


Removing the supports

1. Now, carefully remove all support structures. Use the art cutting tools.


Post Curing

1. Put the object in Curing Unit for 30 minutes.

Info! For casting materials, we recommend to put the object in a food dehydrator for 1 hour at 55 Celsius degrees.

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